Tournament Format


Format will vary, based on number of team in the division.

Following formats are based on 2-day, 3-game guarantee events.


4 Teams

2 games to determine seeding, Seed 1 v Seed 4/Seed 2 v Seed 3, Winners play in championship.

5 Teams

2 games to determine seeding, Seed 4/5 Winner v Seed 1/Seed 2 v Seed 3, Winners play in championship.

6 Teams

Two 3-team brackets; teams play both other teams in bracket. Top seeds from each bracket receive a bye. Seed A2 v Seed B3, Seed B2 v Seed A3; winners play #1 seeds, winners of semi-finals to championship.

7 Teams

Two games to determine seeding. #1 Seed to receive a bye. Seed 2 v Seed 7, Seed 3 v Seed 6, Seed 4 v Seed 5. Winners to semi-finals.

8 Teams

Two games to determine seeding. Top four teams to Gold Bracket. Bottom four teams to Silver Bracket. Semi-Finals and Finals in each bracket.


Gold Bracket Champions from each tournament will qualify for the Tournament of Champions, held in February. (Spring Tournament of Champions will be held in July.)
Silver Bracket Championship will have time restrictions, Gold Bracket Championship will be 6 innings, with no time limit. Mercy rules are in effect for all games.


 Tiebreaking Procedure

  1. Head-to-head Record among all tied teams
  2. Run Differential for all games (Max of 8 in any one game)
  3. Runs allowed for all games
  4. Coin Flip

If a tie is among more than two teams, winner will be determined, then remaining tied teams will return to tiebreaker #1 to determine second-place team.


Alterations to Tournament Format

If, for reasons beyond JWPB’s control, tournament needs to be altered to finish in a timely manner, Tournament Director reserves the right to change schedule, game lengths, etc. as necessary. Refunds or credits for future tournaments will be given to teams who do not play guaranteed games. Refunds will be $65 per game not played (i.e. with 3-game guarantee…$65 refund if you play 2 games; $130 if you play 1 game). Team can choose $90 per game credit toward future tournament in place of cash refund. Full refund/credit will be given if no games are played.